Wearing Cosmetics

Date Added : October 22, 2012
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Tips on Wearing Cosmetics

Cosmetic means any product used to alter the appearance of any part of the body. They are used to enhance attractiveness. In fashion term, cosmetic means make-up. They are specifically manufactured to make the appearance conform to the current fashion trend.

Useful Tips!

ü  Get advice from an expert whether you skin is sensitive or not. Don't experiment on your skin.

ü  Generally, wear light make-up during daytime. Wear heavier make-up (detailed) during night time.

ü  Make-up should be proportionate for the occasion.

ü  Bright surrounding means less cosmetic.

ü  Darker surrounding means heavier cosmetics.

ü  The effects of florescent bulb make the cosmetic thicker.

ü  The effects of incandescent bulk make the cosmetic thinner.