Understanding the Mind of Designers

Date Added : October 21, 2012
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What makes one fashion look so good on one person and so bad on another is a product of a designer's mind.

To understand fashion with clarity is to have knowledge of its construction. If you talk of construction, there must be a ‘tool’ to create the result just as an expert in any profession has. Fashion designers use fabrics but their tools are illusion, colour, line, scale and form. Varying combinations of these tools determines what the design will look in various figures. The designers never mix matches these elements at random and just hopes for the best. Every finish product is a carefully created piece of art designed for a specific reason.

Designers trained their eyes to pick what's good and what's bad. They observe and always aware themselves on the trend to make them more knowledgeable on the various ways their tools can create and to get good value for their customer's spending dollar.

ILLUSION: The designer tool

The Importance of Illusion

Illusion can armour your weak points and stress your strong points.

Fashion designers are experts in creating fashion illusion. What we see in fashion magazines are the exact projection of what these designers have in mind. You can do the same by applying illusion to benefit your style.

Illusion is clothing's most important asset. It can make you look authoritative, powerful, rich, responsible, sophisticated, elegant, mysterious, fragile, masculine, feminine, etc. 

Illusion lets you specify the direction you want to be headed; you can wear a lifestyle you have not; you can look like a top executive or just feel like one. You can even impersonate someone you know.

Whatever aspect you display often becomes an aspect that will become stronger and stronger in your life. Whatever you project through your clothing or the role you portray is the person you tend to become. Therefore, we have to choose the qualities we must feature.


Noubi says: Each of us has to discover exactly how clothing can express our needs, desires, and how our clothing can communicate who we are and what we want. To practice illusion is to achieve what you desire.