The Secret of Fashion Accessory

Date Added : October 21, 2012
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QUALITY is the only secret!

The quality of any accessory must determine its price. Always remember that quality accessories last longer.

Useful Tips!

ü  Buy always the best quality that you can afford.

ü  Make sure you have the poise to carry through whatever you wear.

ü  Three factors that determine the price of an accessory: the materials used (gold, silver, leather, etc.), the quality of design and the quality of workmanship. Don't ignore workmanship.

ü  More at the waist means less at the neck and vice versa.

ü  Accessories should be proportionate and harmonize with the size, shape, and colour of your outfit. Trial and error are a very good practice using basic pieces first and adding trendy things later.

ü  Too much of a one colour sometimes looks awkward.

ü  Petites should watch the size balance to their accessories.

ü  Quality made accessories shows the worth of your money.

ü  Classic styles date less than novelty designs.

ü  Always keep shoes, belts and bags well maintained with regular visits to the repair shop.

ü  Dilapidated shoes or belt does not justify your diamond earrings.

ü  Don't overdo.

What accessories can do?

§  It can make your wardrobe seem larger.

§  It can update your basics.

§  It can add colour or splash.

§  It can focus the observer's eye for the emphasis you want.

§  It can change the outlook of your situation in a short time.

§  It can make or break an outfit.


Noubi says: No matter how you'll look at it, inferior quality can break down fast in comparison to normal wear and tear.