The Message of Clothing

Date Added : October 15, 2012
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How Clothing Affects Us?

Our clothes tell a lot about us.

Our clothes tell who we are in the society. It tells others what we want, what are our talents, our needs, our personalities, our dispositions and our destinations. Without a doubt, clothing is the most prominent facade of our well-being in the society. It can camouflage, cover-up, and build as much as it can destroy our image. It can speak for us, ‘we're as good as you are’, or ‘we have the same interest’, or ‘we're important’ or even the opposite, ‘we're worthless’. Clothing is silent but is a very powerful communicator.

We've all experienced better treatments when we look especially well and what it's like to be treated badly when we don't. We can get attention when we enter a room or attract people with the same interest. That is because people relate to the way, we wear our clothing.

Clothes are said to make "fashion statements". By overlooking, we're apt to convey uncertainty and confusion. By emphasizing we can enhance our look, strength and success.

Clothes can create positive aspects of ourselves. It sparks self-assurance and confidence. It can make people respond and be excited to be in our presence. At times, clothes are the only visible clues to our personalities. It continues to make its statements and will be judged by more people than they will ever see our homes, and our automobiles combined. Today, clothes have become a means for one human to evaluate another.

The Message of Clothing

You are what you wear.


Noubi says: Your clothing is like a gift wrapper. The wrapper represents your clothes and the actual gift represents your body. No matter how good-looking you are inside, if you fail to present yourself outside, your inside would be presumed like your outside. Got the message?