The Effective Camouflage

Date Added : October 13, 2012
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The Effective Camouflage

‘Understanding the effects of body camouflage means understanding the eye of the observer.’

Camouflage is one of the most important assets clothing allows, because it is the easiest way to minimize body faults.



It is simple! Just as there is a focal point in every good photograph or painting, so should there be a point of emphasis in your body.

Focal point should be inherent in the structure of what you wear. We have qualities we like and features we dislike. To benefit from the effect of camouflage, strict obedience of its rules must be observed. Just know its limitations so it does not become series of masks for various parts of your body.



Rule #1.

*Direct the observer’s eye to where you want it to go.

Useful Tips!

For HER:

ü  If your feet are too big and your waist perfect, your focal point could be at your waist.

ü  Earrings, makeup or a ruffled neck blouse can move the focus to your face.

ü  A skirt with a slit or a high-heeled shoe can place the focal point at your legs.

For HIM:

ü  A nice watch, a clean shoe, and hair style usually take the attention from body flaws.


Rule #2.

*Use the eyes’ focal points to displace attention from figure flaws.

Useful Tips!

ü  Jewelry against dark clothing can draw attention away from the body flaws.

ü  Jewelry against light clothing tends to blend with the entire outfit.           

ü  A vest, a jacket, a sweater, or a shawl for her – all of these things help to normalize almost all body types.


NOTE: These camouflage techniques may sound like a lot to remember, but it would not be so if you work on just one new point a day.

You may start giving the most attention to your worst flaw. The next day, add a new camouflage, same as through on the following days. In no time, you will have mastered all the camouflage you need for your body flaws!


Noubi says: Clothing can do a lot, but it cannot do everything. Start taking control of your body, so there is less to camouflage. It is a smart decision to work out at your nearest gym and work those that can be worked-out. It is not only healthy, it looks good too!