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Useful Tips!

if your shoulders are WIDE…

ü  Avoid cup sleeves or dolman sleeves and shawls.

ü  Any sort of puff sleeve is not good for you.

ü  Prefer softer fabrics across your shoulders.

ü  Peplum dress balances your wide shoulder.

ü  Full skirt and full pant silhouettes create an illusion of perfect proportion.

ü  Minimize the use of shoulder pads.

if your shoulders are TOO SQUARE…

ü  Horizontal and striped patterns are not advisable.

ü  Soft fabrics like silk blouses with gentle gathering at the yoke are advisable.

ü  Raglan sleeves emphasize squareness.

ü  Avoid the use of padding.

ü  Peplum dress balances your shoulder.

ü  Full skirt and full pant silhouettes create a perfect illusion.

if you have NARROW shoulders…

ü  Seam lines should be at the outer edge of your natural shoulders.

ü  Cap sleeves are good.

ü  Avoid sleeveless line because they disguise with their grace and fullness.

ü  Raglan sleeve's designs will make you look narrower.

ü  Tops that have gathering attached to the shoulder line are good.

ü  Tailored and crisp fabrics are always good.

ü  Padded shoulders are advisable especially if you have sloping shoulders.

ü  Wide collar's designs are very good camouflage.

ü  Avoid anything with soft of sloped shoulders.

ü  Strapless and anything off shoulders is not recommended.


for SLOPING shoulders…

ü  Anything with soft shoulders is not good.

ü  Anything off a shoulder is a nightmare.

ü  Tailored shoulders with padded shoulder are perfect camouflage.

ü  To give an illusion underneath always use shoulder pads.

ü  The halter neckline, raglan sleeves, collarless styles are not advisable.

ü  Crisp fabrics create a good illusion of the underneath sloping shoulder.

ü  Wide collars, sailor, winged pleated, capped and pushed-up to sleeves are good.

ü  Stand up straight, because slumping exaggerates sloping shoulder.