TIPS: for the NECK

Date Added : October 22, 2012
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TIPS: for the NECK

if your neck is TOO SHORT…

ü  Avoid turtleneck.

ü  Avoid long dangling earring, high necks, small scarves and chokers.

ü  Make your jacket collar sit slightly away from the neck and low in the back, so your neck will look longer.

ü If you have short hair and wear soft material like chiffon expose some skin between hair and collar to diffuse the shortness of your neck.

ü  Deep U, off shoulder, V neck, strapless have very good camouflage effect.

ü  Long chain, one color dressing, move focal point away from the chin.


if your neck is TOO LONG…

ü  Do not to expose too much of it.

ü  Dangling, round and bold earrings are best.

ü  Close neck on a heavy material fabric is advisable.

ü  One button opened on a shirt has a more dramatic effect than if it were closed all the way up to the first button.

ü  Avoid deep U, off shoulder, V neck and strapless