On Wearing Hats

Date Added : October 21, 2012
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FASHION TIPS: On Wearing Hats

Hats are the most delicate accessory to wear because its trend is reduced to a limited popularity. Today, hat means like saying "Look, I'm different" or "I'm dignified" or "I'm distinctive”.

Very few are comfortable with hats. People are either into or not into it. If you wear hat and enjoy it that is very good. Hats provide a good way to create an instant image. Try to put one on and you've gotten a totally new look. Take it off and you've changed again.

NOTE: Hats can look great on everyone only if you make sure you know the difference between different styles. A cocktail hat is different from a funeral hat, and daytime hat to sport hat.

Useful Tips!

ü  Quality hats are very neatly constructed.

ü  Make sure you wear the right side. Always look the label or seam to determine which side is the back. Don't confuse the viewer. Some may doubt if your undergarments are also worn on the wrong side.

ü  Try various positions when trying on a hat. More flexibility means more chances for a better fit with your other clothing.

ü  Hat pulled far down to the brow creates a tres chic fashion effect. Make sure you pull it up during a long conversation because it looks awkward. The other party might think you are hiding something in your face.

ü  Tilted hat to the side creates a face-slimming effect.

ü  Your back view must look as good as your front view.

ü  Round hats flatter the shape of an angular face.

ü  Small close brims flatter the shape of a narrow face.

ü  Turbans and pillboxes are height-creating and flatter the shape of a round or wide face.

ü  Generally, hats should not be wider than your shoulders or less narrow than your hairdo.


Noubi says: Wearing hat seems to look better and better as it becomes more and more you. However, wearing hat is a habit forming and often has a way of taking over. Be sure you don't become more and more of the hat freak. I know several clients who come to me for this emotional dependency. They've lost their control and their styles seem to have permanently glued to their hats.