On Wearing Belts

Date Added : October 21, 2012
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FASHION TIPS: On Wearing Belts

Belts can transform you into a flattering ensemble. The accent of a belt acts as a focal point of an outfit. 

Useful Tips!

ü  Wear belts, both wide and narrow, only if your figure allows.

ü  Decorative buckles are good (glitz or detail to belts) only if you have a small waist

ü  If you're short-waisted, large belts will make you look ever shorter.

ü  Match your belt colour to your top it you're short-waisted.

ü  Match your belt colour to your bottom if you're long-waisted.

NOTE: Shirt over belt can hide a thick or short waist. It creates a good silhouette of your body and can make an outfit flow.  Belt can also carry you through the four seasons.