On Stockings

Date Added : October 19, 2012
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Fashion Tips on Stockings

Stocking doesn't only cover ugly or unshaved legs, it can make legs look silkier and firmer. Coordinate colours with your wardrobe to project an image of being in-control. Hosiery also gives the feeling of security to your legs.

Five types of hosiery

1.       Pantyhose - Stocking which has an attached panty that reaches from the waist to toe.

2.      Stockings - Hosiery that covers the foot and held in place at the thigh by a garter or belt.

3.       Leg Warmers - A footless sock that reaches as high as the thigh.

4.      Knee Highs - Stocking or sock that reaches between the calf and the knee.

5.      Socks- Hosiery that stops at the ankle.

Useful Tips!

ü  A shade darker than your natural skin colour can be an all year round colour.

ü  Wash new stockings before using to prolong its life.

ü  Petites should keep patterns and detail small in scale.

ü  Heavy legs look best in dark hose while thin legs look best in light hose.

ü  Match hosiery to shoe colour for a longer look.

ü  Hose matching skirt and shoes create the most elongating and slimming effect.

ü  Hose with contrasting shoe colour or style visually shortens the lower leg.

ü  Lighter shades are excellent for spring while darker colours are better for fall and winter season.


Noubi says: There are all kinds of patterns and colours available to suit every skin type and taste. It's advisable to own more flesh-coloured stocking than any other colours because of its flexibility of blending with different kinds of clothing and shoes.