On Buying Clothes

Date Added : October 14, 2012
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On Buying Clothes

Choose your Own!

Clothing can help you determine where you are most ashamed of in your appearance or what body portion you wish to show and emphasize. These make clothing a personal choice, and it is your responsibility to know exactly what to buy.

Useful Tips!

ü  Buy clothes that are little loose rather than little too tight. It doesn't matter if it's big and tall clothing for men nor petite for women, wearing too tight outfits makes one look heavier.

ü  Resist the temptation on buying dream clothes just because you're able to fit into it, if the size is smaller than you normally wear. It will make you look and feel uncomfortable.

ü  Don't buy a jacket even if it is perfectly tailored if the sleeves are too long. The sleeve should be just long enough to cover the top of the wrist bone. Unless you want a baggy-look, a fitted jacket is preferable, which also looks better in any occasion. Check the sleeve length carefully in a full-length mirror.

ü  When you're unsure of what to buy for the evening, remember that there is a difference between daytime and evening clothing. Daytime clothes are more casual and sporty while evenings are more formal, dressy and delicate. Black is the basic colour for evening while lighter shades are the basic colours for daytime.

ü  Remember that artificial lights tend to wash out cosmetic colours, so, wear a little more to compensate less lighting.

For HER:

ü  Wear make-up every time you wear black to ensure proper look. Red and hot pink for lips and cheeks are the basic tones for the evening. For the eyes, dark tones are better for many occasions at night.

For HIM:

ü  Well groomed hair with moose in the evening is really handsome in most occasions.


NOTE: It's easy enough just to buy clothes, but be aware that merchandisers know "sales talks", as well. It's up to you to choose if it's something you need for any particular reason.


6 Must ask questions on buying clothes:

1.    Does the clothe you are buying do what it should? (Does it work well with your broad shoulder?)

2.      Is the style up-to-date?

3.      Does it complement the rest of your wardrobe? (ie. separates or accessories)

4.      Does it complement your skin tone and hair colour?

5.      Is it a quality outfit?

6.      Is it worth your money?


Three Price Zones. (established by the fashion industry)

§  Better clothing - the highest priced, best-quality clothing. These include designer's originals. They are made of the best materials, styling and workmanship.

§  Moderate clothing - usually the medium-priced clothing. They are made of quality materials and are usually made in limited quantity.

§  Popular clothing - consists of low-priced garments, mass-produced and often made of lower quality materials. Their workmanship is not dependable.


Noubi says: Buy clothes not just as a necessity, but as an expression of wanting to display artistry. With this in mind you will be able to communicate well in the society.