Fashion: What Is It, Really?

Date Added : October 13, 2012
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What is Fashion?

Fashion is the accepted day-to-day way of dressing at a given time. If you see everyone wearing the same colour or style when they have not been the trend before, such is "in-fashion”.


What is Right Fashion?

Every individual knows what she or he wants based on the influence of need and concern. Generally, right fashion means getting the value for your dollar. That is why the demand for designs that requires a timeless appeal and a quality that goes beyond trendy has been tremendously increasing. Levis, Calvin Klein and Chanel are just a few to mention.


Why Do Fashion Change?

Fashion change because people change. We always want something new. Clothing change for practicable reasons, for appropriateness for the season, and for adaptation to the environment situation. In some cases, the popularity of fashion endures for many seasons because of the combinations of these reasons. Take the blue jeans as an example.


NOTE: Everytime you change your clothes, you are setting yourself up for a judgment by others. Going to the office in a sexy cocktail dress is not only impractical, it is confusing and inappropriate. People will be staring at you wondering what was wrong. Your image is incongruous with your clothing. It looks bizarre more than being chic.


Solution? Wear for the ambiance of the particular place. Every place we go, there is such a thing as dress code, whether it is announced or unannounced.

Useful Tip!

The easiest way to invite confusion is to behave in a way that contradicts your clothing.


Noubi says: Fashion is the total outlook of an individual of today and only for today. Though fashion evolves and some styles come back, it only applies for "now". Even the retro fashion is never the same. It never has and never will.