Dealing with Figure Flaws

Date Added : October 13, 2012
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You and your true figure.

Walk toward your mirror and with all honesty. How do you describe your body? What about your clothes? Does it suit your style? Which of your features do you like best? How about the least? Be subjective!

Understanding Slopes.

What is a sloping shoulder? It is the height difference between the neck base and shoulder tip.

Body slope frequently changes with weight gain and can change the fit of a garment. If weight is gained, you probably need to shorten front or lengthen the back to avoid hiking in the back. If you have never had a problem with slope, you're lucky your slope does not fall into this category of a problem.


What makes standard fashion?

Today, there is an unwritten standard that we all believe for beauty and style. We abide and perpetuate this by entertaining ourselves with beauty contests and shows such as Miss Universe, Miss World, etc. This standard is made up of our collective decision, which has been carried from generations to generations. We don't really know when and where it started. We just, unnoticeably, set these standards to ourselves.

When asked to name a beautiful celebrity, we tend to respond with the same answer. This thing is certain because we imagine the same standard that is preset in our minds. It is also certain that every time we approve things that look good, this standard becomes more realistic and the acceptance of the process goes on.

Fashion news that majority accepts spreads fast. Reporters write them on their newspapers, editors feature them on their magazines. Photographers capture them on their cameras, and artists preserve them on their canvasses until the whole world had seen them. Likewise, libraries keep records of these until they become part of our lifestyle's history. Without a doubt, this is what made up our standards for today and tomorrow.

What happens if something does not fall into this standard? It's plain unfortunate. There are ways we can do to align them. However, like plastic surgery, working out at the gym and most of the time, the use of camouflage techniques.


Noubi says: We are all a combination of good and not-so-good traits. However, we can project our best figure points and camouflage the parts of our body that we consider our worst figure points.

Camouflage is the easiest way to cover up body flaws. Instead of demonstrating your flaws, you can display them where they will do you good. That is its basic principle. Practice the camouflage techniques and you'll discover a new you.