Creating a New You!

Date Added : October 12, 2012
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Tips on Creating a New Image

Creating the look that makes you most comfortable and most receptive for you friends is very rewarding.

5 simple mistake-proof steps for your New Image

a.   Project several style categories that you like and find which one are you most comfortable with.

b.   Try on different clothing styles (shapes) and colours that you like. Which one is most receptive to your friends or office mates?

c.     If you don't want to experiment on make-up, which I expect you wouldn't, consult a make-up artist. Explain the new image you want to try for yourself. Then figure out which one is most receptive to your friends or office mates.

d.    Do the same thing with your hair.

e.   Now, look at the mirror and ask yourself if the new look is something you are most comfortable with. If so, you've just created a new you! Stay with your new image and change only with the fashion trend.


Noubi says: There is no price to pay when you're out there feeling good about yourself.