Choosing your Pants

Date Added : October 26, 2012
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Choosing your Pants

While it may look chic to many, it's a nightmare to some. Here are things to remember.

Useful Tips!

§  For LONG-WAISTED - .Always wear a high waist with plain belt.

§  For SHORT-WAISTED - Low rise with a belt that matches the top of your outfit.

§  For LOW HIP BUMPS - Avoid snug fit, use straight legs instead.

§  For SHORT LEGS - High waist, fitted full length create a longer line.

NOTE: Baggy makes you look smaller.

§  For PROTRUDING STOMACH - Stretch without side and back zippers. No buttons please.

§  For LARGE DERRIERE - Avoid fancy detailed large back pockets.

§  For FLAT DERRIERE - Fancy detailed large back pockets are good.

§  For HEAVY THIGHS - Snug fit with back pockets. Avoid anything very loose.

§  For THIN THIGHS - Applique and baggy front pockets are essential.

§  For THICK WAIST - Avoid pleated and wide waistband with or without belts.

Noubi says: Jeans are pant ragged in design and it’s commonly used as work clothes in warehouses or garages. Many jeans' companies like Levi's have been several ready-made available (501, 505, 560, etc.) for various types of body. Just make a wise choice.