Choosing Your Bag

Date Added : October 21, 2012
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FASHION TIPS: On Choosing Bags

Different seasons require different styles in bags. Natural colour textures such as a textured straw bag goes with every colour for spring and summer. Winter and fall demand for darker tones made of stronger materials such as leather.


Different Kinds of Handbags:

§ Sport handbag - Bag that is unusually big and carries many things. They are frequently made of sturdy cloth or canvas.

§  Daytime Bag - Bag that is designed for use with office suits or dresses. They are usually made of leather and are usually used less for casual clothing.

§  Evening bag - Bag that is used in formal evening clothes. They are usually made of velvet, silk and often designed with jewels. The most popular are clutch that has delicate handles.

§  Travel Bag - Bags that is made to carry travel clothing or make-up or documents. When it can carry many things you will know. Often they are used as shopping or beach bags.

Useful Tips!

ü  Match your bag with your shoe and this can carry you on the trendy fashionable side. A match between shoes and bags need not be perfect as long as they belong to the same family of colour.

ü  Bags should coordinate with your clothing.

ü A small bag for a big woman is a terrible choice. While a big bag for a small woman is a big mistake.

ü  Straps on shoulder bags should be kept shorter on petites.

ü  Neutral colours like beige, brown, black, gray goes with almost everything.

ü  Buy a bigger size if you plan to overload. Bloated small bag is awkward and can attract the attention of the viewers' eyes.

ü  Generally, non-glitzy clutch can be used in almost every occasion.

ü  Small clutch are elegant for evening.